Styling your hair with the current trends is very fun. But a high-gloss ponytail or a messy half-bun doesn't work for everyone. That is why it can be challenging to find a trendy and flattering hairstyle. Many people go to their hairstylists and ask them to make their faces look thinner. The devil is in the details. With extra attention and the right choice of hairstyle, you will walk out of the salon with a slimmer and elongated face. If your goal is to look thinner, try any of these styles.

  1. Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers seem to be the one style that most people agree will make you look thinner. These are layers that are cut around your face. They can help you balance your face in comparison to the weight of your hair. The great thing is that anyone can wear layers regardless of their face's shape. When the layers are all one length, your face might look fuller. But when you add layers around your cheekbone, your bone structure will look great. When they are parted in the middle, and the layers fall along your face, the face will look elongated.

  1. Highlights

Brighter colors will draw vertical attention to your face and make it look slimmer. Ensure the highlights are subtle to look as natural as possible. Keep the highlights at the top of your head and the darker shades below. Your hair's dark and light colors will mimic stripes that help elongate your face. If you have been skeptical about trying highlights, this should motivate you to try. Highlights will spice up any hair that looks dull. The dramatic effect it has on your face also makes it worth it. It takes minimal effort, but the results are impeccable.

  1. Hair Extension

Adding width and length to your hair is always a great idea when you want to look thinner. You should only be careful not to overdo it. Long hair will instantly slim your face, which is the exact effect you are looking for. Many people have done it, and you can draw inspiration from them, especially celebrities. Your round face doesn't have to be a con. You only need a stylist who knows how to execute extensions flawlessly. Ensure the extensions are not straight. Straight hair is great, but it will be your enemy if you don't have a long slim face. Curls are the way to go even when you are considering extensions.

  1. Asymmetrical Bob

A blunt bob is a big no because it draws a line across your face, which doesn't help lengthen your face. But an asymmetrical bob can work with your chubby face. The hairstyle is shorter at the back, and then it angles down and becomes shorter at the front. It ends a few inches below your face. Try to pair the style with side-swept bands and see how flattering it can be. Curtain bangs and a layered bob can also be great. When you explain to your stylist that you want a slimming hairstyle, they can help you work out an outstanding style.

  1. Voluminous Topknot

A voluminous topknot is also known as a ballerina bun. It's the best style for creating a slimming effect on your face because it creates a vertical illusion. You can release some hair pieces on the sides of your face if you want the undone look. If you have voluminous hair, you can tie the knot every time you want to go out. Pull all the hair up into a ponytail and start coiling the ponytail around itself until there is no more hair left. It's an easy style and practical for everyday life. Be careful not to make the bun too tight because it can get uncomfortable.

  1. Long Shag

This is another go-to hairstyle for people with round faces. You can try the hairstyle with a shoulder-length or even longer. The length will draw your eyes down and make you look slimmer. Ensure you have enough layers because it makes the style softer and more voluminous. The mistake people make is making the bangs too thick. It can take away the flattering bit of the style. Ensure your bangs are angled and are not very thick. If you have a broad forehead, a side-swept, wispy bang can minimize it. Look for pictures if you need inspiration on recreating the long shag style.

  1. Textured Hair

Short hairstyles can also be slimming, but only when you have fullness and texture. Blunt styles can make your face look fuller. So you have to find ways to make a short hairstyle fit what you want. You have probably seen textured hair executed in many ways. You can pick the one you like most; it doesn't have to be short. The texture will add volume to an extent, which helps elongate and thin your face. People have done loose waves with a bit of texture, and it has worked perfectly for people with round or chubby faces. Wavy and tousled looks are essential. This hairstyle is not limiting; you can go with any style you want as long as it's textured.

  1. Side Part

Many stylists advise you to let your hair flow and fall naturally where it's supposed to. But if you don't find it flattering, you should try the side part. It has an instant slimming effect. You don't even need the help of a professional stylist. You can execute the style quickly every morning in front of your mirror. One side will act like the arch or tail of your brow, and you can tuck the other side behind your ear. It's good to add some lift at the hairline to increase the thinning effect. People do the side part every time; it won't be that challenging.

  1. Half Updo

Instead of going for a full top-head knot, you can do a half updo. The extra height the updo will give you helps in balancing the face. It makes you look elongated, and the flowing hairs will give a slimming effect. Ensure the loose strands you leave fall on each side of the head. Volume is also great with this style. Remember, you will be snatching some of your hair. You have to ensure the hair you leave hanging has enough volume. This is also a simple style you can do by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Hairstyles have the ultimate effect on your face. It can make or break your appearance or confidence. Before you put on any hairstyle, ensure you know the results you are looking for. However, if all you want is the slimming effect, these hairstyles are more than enough. Try as many of them as you can; it will help you land on your favorite style. Some people stick to one style for the rest of their lives, while others change to keep things interesting.