Everyone has some misses and hits when they first start shopping for handbags. There is always one thing everyone looks for in a bag, which acts as the focal point when you are out shopping. Style and functionality seem to be the go-to for most bag lovers. A bad is arguably one of the most important components of any dress. A nice bag can make a boring outfit look chic and edgy. Shopping for a bag should not be an afterthought. Here are some tips to help you get the best bag.

  1. The Weight Of The Bag Matters

If a handbag is very heavy yet you have not put your items inside, that handbag is not convenient. Leather handbags are sometimes very heavy, so choose a bag that will not cost you a lot of energy while carrying it around. So, how heavy should your handbag be? The average weight of your handbag should not exceed 10 percent of your body weight.

That is when you want to be critical. But if you have shopped for several bags before, you already know the weight that works for you. An empty bag should not be too heavy, even if it's big with a complex design. It is recommended that you carry a bag of a lighter threshold. A heavy bag will affect your posture if you use it for a long time. You have probably noticed you already like the lighter bags in your closet more than the heavy ones.

  1. Pay Attention to the Number of Pockets

The number of pockets in your handbag should be convenient for how you want to use the bag. If you like a Handbag with many pockets or the one that is void inside, that will be your personal choice. However, it’s always nice to have different compartments to store different things so that your handbag doesn’t become chaotic.

A handbag with many pockets might be good, especially if it has both inside and outside pockets. Finding small items in your bag will not be an issue. The pockets can act as a wallet: they will help you to keep your cards safely and in order. Sometimes you might have bigger items, and a pocket handbag might not accommodate it all. The number of pockets depends on the kind of bag you are looking for.

  1. Don't Overlook Comfort

Like your clothing, a handbag has to be comfortable to carry everywhere and anywhere. A handbag should sit on your shoulder without causing any discomfort like sliding off or hurting your shoulder. This makes it complicated because somehow, a bag usually has something to critic about. But you are not looking for perfection; you are looking for Comfort.

The handbag should fit under your arm; it should not push your arms out so much because it will make you uncomfortable. A good handbag has soft shoulder straps with a nice texture; it will prevent your bag from falling off every time. If the shoulder straps are two, they should be even in length. Otherwise, if you carry items of much weight, the shorter strap will press harder on your shoulder. Even though a handbag might look fantastic, you should choose the one you can carry around for a long time.

  1. Your Bag Should Be Versatile

You can buy a bag for specific purposes, but a nice bag should serve at least two or more purposes. It should be something you can carry to work with your business attire. It should also relate to your casual attire. That makes it very convenient; you don’t have to switch bags when you go from the office to a casual hang out with friends.

The color palette should also be right. A versatile bag should be easy to pair with most of your clothes. A clashing bag will not serve you well. But getting a versatile bag sometimes makes people lazy about buying another bag. You should struggle to create a small collection of beautiful and functional bags.

  1. Look For A Great Design

You can’t consider everything and forget about the design. Handbag designs also come and go like fashionable clothes. A great design will make you stand out from everyone else. This is where you figure out whether you want a conversation starter or subtle design. But picking the best design doesn’t mean you should compromise functionality or versatility.

A bag can be functional and still very stylish. Sometimes extra details can make your bag more aesthetically pleasing. A plain bag is also a valid choice when you want a simple design. However, a plain black bag can appear very dull or boring. It can be plain if it has a fabulous color. A zip can add character to a dull bag and make it look more detailed.

Final Thoughts

Use this as a guide the next time you look for a bag. Everyone has different tastes, but these are some basics that every bag lover considers when looking for a new piece. The last thing you want is to get a bag you will barely use.