Tanning every day by the pool on a luxurious cruise ship is the dream. A regular cruise is very fun; it's even more fun when there is a theme. It allows you to get dressed in your favorite costume and mingle with new people, even celebrities at the time.

You can stuff yourself with the buffet and the endless entertainment. Theme cruises have been around for many years. Some of them have stood out from the rest because of the kind of themes they had.

They have a universal appeal because they attract people from all over. If you are curious to learn what these cruises are about, here are some of the craziest themed cruises the world has to offer.

  1. Star Trek Cruise

Star trek cruise is the ultimate immersive experience shared by passionate star trek fans. The star-studded crew will allow you to interact with celebrities throughout the cruise. The 2017 cruise is one of the most talked about. But star trek cruises keep happening if you want to experience them today.

They keep announcing plans for the next cruise so that fans like you to prepare. Be sure to check their route and other details about the cruise before you start packing. If you have gone all over the world attending star trek conventions and are yet to venture into the open sea with other fans like you, this is your opportunity.

You can meet the cast members who are on board. Usually, most travelers carry their favorite clothes and other souvenirs to make the themed cruise even more real.

  1. Meow Meow Cruise

The annual meow meow cruise is for people who love cats. They ironically don’t allow any felines onboard. Prepare your cat photos and be ready to swap stories with other cat lovers. They have scavenger hunts, mixers, trivia, and so much entertainment to keep people entertained throughout the cruise.

There are photos of past cruises showing how much fun to expect. Many activities are cat-themed, but there are always a few that are more general. The cruise is open to everyone, but if you are not a lover of cats, you may not enjoy it as much.

A website dedicated to this themed cruise will tell you everything you want to know when you decide to go. The fun of going on such a cruise is having like-minded individuals to converse with and laugh with. These are people that regularly upload cat videos on social media just like you.

  1. 70000Tons Of Metal

This is the world's biggest heavy metal cruise. It's a full-on music festival that happens on a cruise ship for at least five days. It's an annual event, and there is something new to talk about every year. As soon as they announce the dates, heavy metal fans are always scrambling for a spot on board.

Of course, you will nurse a few headaches, but it will be worth it to see your favorite heavy metal bands. If you want to catch the next cruise, keep yourself updated by waiting for the dates. They take different excursions that allow you to enjoy the waters and the live music.

It's also the best time to show your skills in heavy metal karaoke. You can sing along to some of your favorite lyrics with other fans. The fun is non-stop because they usually have different talents onboard.

  1. Walking Dead Cruise

Imagine a ship filled with zombies; it sounds like a badass horror movie. The Walking Dead is one of the few TV shows that have managed to gain a huge fan base. These fans like to gather on a cruise ship and let loose every once in a while. People put on zombie makeup and wear similar clothes for the duration of the cruise.

Zombie-lovers get to meet their favorite cast from the TV series. As you can imagine, almost all activities will be zombie-themed. It’s also a nice time to enjoy a few days off the grid, doing something you love. Making new friends who enjoy the same things as you is the ultimate price for attending such a cruise.

  1. Conspira-Sea Cruise

This cruise is an open invitation for all conspiracy theorists to have an adventure at sea while trying to unfold the truth. The cruise ship members can talk about anything from mind control to crop circles. It's always nice to hear what others have to say about the topics you have been scratching your head about for a long time.

The cruise usually takes seven days, and some of the world's biggest celebrities are generally in attendance. After the first cruise was a big success, they had to make it a recurrent theme. They have guest speakers to help you answer some of the burning questions.

You will have more answers after picking people's brains on the cruise. If you are not a subscriber to some of the typical conspiracy topics, find another cruise. The only people who can enjoy this theme are the ones that spend hours looking for answers to different ideas and stories.

  1. Zumba Cruise

This is probably one of the most physically challenging cruises to be a part of. These are choreographed, fast-paced dances with people rocking their neon spandex. Dancing all the time on the ship deck will have you sweating and giggling more than usual. It's the ultimate vacation for Zumba lovers.

For an ordinary person, this theme is almost laughable. But someone who has done Zumba for a long time will be blown away by the idea. There is time to relax and enjoy the company of new friends before you hit the deck floors again for a Zumba session.

They sail through different routes to keep things new and exciting for returning and new members. Luckily Zumba doesn't feel like exercising because there is a lot of music and dancing that keeps it entertaining.

  1. NASCAR Cruise

NASCAR is now an inaugural cruise that takes obsessed fans on an adventure at sea. New and former drivers come on board to meet fans and talk about cars and the rush of the race all day. They usually hold the cruise during off-seasons so that the fans don’t have to worry about missing a race.

There are always special appearances from celebrities and performances from different artists to keep the cruise interesting all the way. There are no dull moments, especially when you are into race cars and the whole sport. The five-night cruise is one you shouldn’t miss when you want an adventure of a lifetime.

Final thoughts

These are only a few exciting and somewhat crazy theme cruises you will ever encounter. If you consider taking an adventure at sea, find a theme that interests you. That is the best way to make the nights and days fun while onboard. Always be on the lookout for new dates if you are interested in catching the next theme cruise.