Working from home is a great way to get things done. You get to avoid a long a commute and choose where you're going to work. About one in four Americans get to work from home at least part time. These ten tips make it easier then ever to have a smooth and easy work day. 1. Proper Work Clothing is a Must It's tempting to head straight to work from your pajamas. The clothes you sleep in are quite comfortable. Even the snazziest pajamas are unlikely to inspire you to be at your best professionally. Dressing the part with work clothing lets you feel you're in control and ready to do your best. 2. The Same Schedule Keeping to a consistent work schedule is a must. Even if you're freelancing, it's best to stick to certain work hours. Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Setting aside a specific time to work keeps you focused. It also helps avoid feeling as as if you're never fully done with your work day. 3. Put Up a Sign Drawing boundaries is particularly important when you're working at home. Family members see you and forget you're at work. A specific sign is easy to understand sign you're not available even when you're working in the kitchen. 4. Stay in Touch Staying in touch is easier than ever even when working from home. Take advantage of this fact with tools like Zoom meetings. If you're a member of a team or you run a team at work, make it easy for your team members to find you. Google docs are essential along with other management helpers you'll find online such as Trello. 5. Change it Up One of the best things about working from home is you can change your workplace. You're not tethered to a single place. Set aside a few places in your home such as the dining room and your bedroom. When you get tried of them, you can head outside. Working outdoors is a great way to enjoy warm weather. You can also opt for a local Starbucks or a fast food chain. Libraries are another resource. Set up your work space in one corner of the stacks. It's a quiet space that makes it easy to concentrate on your work. 6. Clean Your House That's right. If you're working at home, take advantage of it. Use your breaks to sweep the floors. Do your laundry. There's a lot to be said for getting exercise while making use of your time at work. Set up a list of things have to be done each day and each week. Break it down by promising yourself you'll get it done during your spare work time. Add a chance to get outside by engaging in gardening. This is a great way to take a break from time spend staring at your computer screen. 7. Stay Away From Snacks As you work at home, it can be tempting to snack in between doing everything else. That's the last thing you want. Working at home does not mean you're going to gain weight. Set up a times to eat breakfast and lunch and keep to them. Allow no more than one snack break a day. A small indulgence can head off bigger cravings. 8. Don't Forget Family Time Your family needs you. You need them. Consider ways to fit in time for your family life. If you work a set schedule, ask for hours that let you bring your children to the park two or three times a week. Freelancers benefit from a break with family to recharge their batteries and stay focused on work. 9. Staying Social Personal interaction is a hugely important for your mental health. It can be hard to get that done when you're working at home. Yet, there are many ways to keep up with your peers and continue to network. Think about renting an office space of your own a few hours a month. Join local professional groups designed for your specific industry. Plan breaks with friends. A lunch with a colleague in your field is one way to stay in touch and get to know people better. 10. Always Have Backup Plans Lots of unexpected things can happen as you work at home. You might have a sudden power outage that means you can't access the net. A child may need you to drive them to an emergency room after an accident. Noise outside can interfere with your ability to concentrate on those important sales figures. Good backup plans make your work flow a lot easier and far less stressful.