Private jets are now more accessible than ever. If you are willing to part ways with tens or hundreds of thousands, you can be on your way on the first private jet trip. You can also be invited onboard by friends or colleagues.

Many people want to go through an exhilarating experience. It's a big leap from commercial flying to a private jet. This can make your first time feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know what to expect.

Having some tips can make your transition smooth, and you can enjoy the flight without a worry. How you plan for the flight will differentiate between an enjoyable time and an extremely stressful flight. Use these tips for your upcoming private jet flight.

  1. Mind What You Pack

Most people think that they can bring everything they own because they are flying on a private jet. Pack a bag you can easily carry on board because, on light jets, your luggage is not accessed directly from the cabin. But if the plane has accessible language compartments, you can carry a few more things. Ensure all the things you need for the flight are in an easily accessible carry-on bag.

You should also consider how many people are flying on the jet. You have to share the luggage space with others. You should also be careful not to carry any prohibited items. Reach out to your chosen air charter and inquire before packing. Most private jets allow liquids, so feel free to bring your favorite wine.

Do not forget to prepare your documents. Your travel and identification documents should be on you at all times. You will enjoy a lot while using a private jet, like avoiding long queues, but carrying your ID is still necessary. For international travel, you will likely need additional documentation to present at customs when you arrive.

  1. Learn Where the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Is Located

The last thing you want is to get lost on your flight day. Learning where the FBO is will help you find your way easily when it’s time to depart. Ideally, you will know the location from the itinerary you will get after booking your flight. But there is no harm in checking again just to be sure.

The FBO is where private jets depart; you will enjoy the calm oasis away from long queues and crowded locations. It can be a completely different building and location or a separate terminal still connected to the airport. Make a point of arriving at least fifteen minutes before time. It gives enough time for the crew to sort everything up before you leave.

If you are traveling as a group, you can make arrangements together so that no one delays the flight. But compared to flying commercially, you can arrive much later at the FBO than in a standard terminal. The good thing is when you land; your car can pick you up beside the plane. You won't have to struggle finding the FBO at your destination or the terminal to access your vehicle.

  1. How to Choose an Aircraft

Chartering an aircraft is the best way to organize a private jet flight for the first time. There are so many options available, including individually priced flights. Your charter company will help you with many things to make the flight as seamless as possible. The much you have to do is choose a route that works best for you.

The charter company can help you choose the best aircraft for your travels from the many options and models available out there. There is a lot to consider when picking an aircraft. You have to think about how many people will be traveling with you on the jet and the amount of luggage you will carry.

There should be enough facilities and amenities onboard. Your destination will determine the size of your jet. Some airports have restrictions on aircraft size that can land on their runway. You have to consider every factor to ensure you have the right private jet.

  1. Good Manners Are Crucial

Etiquette doesn’t go out of the window when you are on a private jet. Your crew is there to help you travel stress-free. Maintain good behavior during your encounter with everyone. Do not show up casually dressed for a private business flight where you will be flying with colleagues. If it's just you and your friends, you can be casual.

If you are invited, allow the host to be the first one to board the plane unless they tell you otherwise. Give them a chance to find their favorite seat before you can be seated. If you must take pictures for social media, ask the one who invited you if it's okay to post them or not. Sometimes they want you to respect their privacy and not publicize their location to the whole world.

These small things will ensure there is no awkwardness between you and the other people on board. Be keen with your behavior and mind what you say or do during the flight. Even if you pay for the flight, treating people nicely won't cost you a thing. Your crew will be even more attentive to your needs when you treat them right.

  1. You Can Use Your Phone

Unlike commercial flights, you will not have to turn off your device when on a private jet. Some private jet even comes with an internet connection to make the flight more memorable. You can stay connected and entertained with everything you like for the whole flight. You can work or catch up with your emails, listen to music online, or watch your favorite TV show or movie.

Entertainment is not something you have to worry about when on a private jet. But you must find out what kind of cabin service will be available while on air. Find out if the hostess or host will be available to serve you food and drinks or not. This gives you a chance to prepare appropriately and make the flight more comfortable.

If there are services you can't do without, inform your Charter Company and work out a plan. They can ensure every one of your requests is fulfilled to make your experience exceptional. There are so many things your crew will tell you besides you can use your phone. They will give you a safety briefing and tell you when it's safe to move around the jet.

Final Thoughts

A first-time private jet flight should be a bespoke experience with lots of fun. But if you don't plan for the flight, there are bound to be hiccups. Choose your flight correctly with the help of a charter company. Find out the services you will enjoy during the flight before closing the deal. If you are traveling as a group, everyone should be on the same page regarding time.